Aschenputtel im Wunderland / Cinderella in Wonderland

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Cinderella in Wonderland


Wrapped up in a winter jacket, I sit on my laptop on my balcony. Brrr its so cool here in Switzerland.

Yes, exactly, I'm back! Although, what does it actually mean to be here? Are you there when you are physically present? But where's my soul?

Hmh ... yes, my soul is still floating around in the world and makes me forget the cold here on my balcony. She takes me on a journey of thought to the wonderland. Far away! Fascinating nature, wildlife, width, height, ... I have experienced and learned so much! It seems to me as unreal as Alice's Wonderland ... simply magical and indescribable. Did you know that there is even an "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome"? People who suffer from it either perceive themselves or their surroundings in a reduced or enlarged manner. Do I have this syndrome when I feel much smaller than I already am in the vastness of the big world?

Yes, and here I am now sitting in the wonderful world of Switzerland and my apartment seems tiny to me. I reminisce but the editing of the blog and the photos prove to me that I have actually travelled! I almost sink into my sea of photos. I can vividly imagine how Cinderella must have felt. For me, too, it now says: The good ones in the potty - the bad ones in the trash. What differentiates me from Cinderella: Choosing good and bad is not that easy. Every single point of view of the landscape holds different miracles. Each animal photo has its own expression and story. I am so glad I made a first photo pre-sorting on the trip.

It's still cool on my balcony. My thoughts float away and come back. I try desperately to find the answer to the standard question: "Where did you like it best?"

Phu ... somehow everywhere! As with the camera, I try to find a filter that fits this question. But there are so many!

The filter animal wonder, vastness of nature, valuable encounters, colors, close to the heart, serenity ... Yes, but what was the goal of my trip? Oh yes, this filter fits: relax, recharge and feel free!

If I look at the trip from this perspective, I am pleased that in addition to the vastness of Australia and the African fauna, the mountains of Switzerland should also be mentioned here. Yes, the mountains of Switzerland. It is also uniquely beautiful here and the conclusion of my trip is:

It doesn't really matter where in the world I am. As long as I can recharge my batteries and feel inner peace, I feel free everywhere.

It almost sounds as if from now on I'll only be sitting in my Rapunzel penthouse and I won't be traveling anywhere. Far from it ... because I'm mercilessly infected by travel fever! There is so much to discover and experience out there and every time I take a part of it in my heart home with me. My view of the world, the people in it and myself have refined. I have become more open, tolerant and empathetic! I got to know me much better.

I am now happy to say that I am proud of myself.

Proud that I dared to take this trip.

Proud that I was able to have mostly positive experiences with my way of meeting people. Proud that the way I see and conserve the world allowed me to take you, my dear reader, on a part of my trip. Thanks for reading my texts.

Now I wish all of you, that you too are proud of everything you dare to do in your life and feel happy and free.

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